Why do you have to write?

Why do you have to write?

The most common reason given by staff at the Royal Mint to staff that they have to record their own work is that the time required to do so has become too much.

They also tell staff that their workloads have risen.

RTE understands that many staff have been writing and not recording their work for some time.

It has been reported to staff in recent weeks that some staff are having to stop work to record the work of others, and the Mint has also reported staff have felt pressure to do their work.

The Royal Mint has had a number of staff go on strike.

They are not being paid.

Some of those staff have said they are frustrated that their pay has not been increased.

Staff are now taking action.

“We have had some staff who have taken it upon themselves to write,” said Mint director general and deputy general manager of operations Gary Dickson.

“They have had to put some effort into it.”

I don’t know that they are making the right decision to do that, but I do know that some have.

“We are encouraging them to take some time off.”

The Mint has asked staff to not discuss the issue.

However, in an email sent to staff, Mr Dickson said: “The Mint is aware of the pressures that some employees are facing, and that this is an issue for us to address.”

However, we also know that staff are concerned about the impact this will have on their work, and we are committed to addressing this as a matter of urgency.

“A spokesman for the Royal Bank of Scotland said staff would not be paid if they were unable to do work.

The spokesman added: “This is an individual decision for each staff member, and it is a decision that is not shared with the wider organisation.”

Earlier this year, staff at one of the Royal Navy’s ships at sea, HMS Bulwark, were told they were being asked to record and record themselves.

Royal Mint manager of business operations James Henson said:”We can understand why some staff may feel that recording their own time is difficult or difficult to do.”

A Royal Mint spokesperson said: “We recognise the importance of time to record, but staff are not required to record when they are not needed.

We do recognise the pressures staff have to cope with during busy periods, but we believe this can be addressed by encouraging employees to work at home and to be more flexible when they have a break.

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