Unicorn Stationery set to be released to US customers in November 2018

Unicorn Stationery set to be released to US customers in November 2018

Unicorn Stationeries set to launch to US market in November next year, with the company announcing today that it is to be sold to consumers in the US.

The unicorn stationery will be available in the “next couple of months” and will be priced at $100,000 US.

“We’re excited to be able to share our unicorn stationeries with customers around the world, and look forward to working with them to help them create the perfect gift for the holidays,” Unicorn founder and CEO Matt McQueen said in a statement.

The Unicorn range of unicorn stationers include a selection of classic and new designs, including a “Skeletons” unicorn stationer, a “Scratchy” unicorn, and a “Mama” unicorn.

The company has also created a “Spooner” unicorn that can be made with “Spongebob” as a base, and “Cute Bunny” unicorn stations, a cute bunny and a pink bunny stationer that can also be made.

“While the unicorn station, Sparkle, is an original design, we’ve taken inspiration from other classic stationers to create a collection of our own,” McQueen added.

“Each Unicorn Stationer will be individually crafted and handcrafted in our studio in Brooklyn, NY, with custom finishes and materials to complement the classic unicorn station.”

In addition to the unicorn, Unicorn also offers an “Adorable” unicorn and a bunny stationery.

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