How to create a beautiful butterfly stationery

I can’t believe how beautiful a butterfly stationer looks on my wall!I thought that I might want to make one as a gift, but my husband said it would be a bad idea because the butterfly is not a butterfly.He also said that he would probably put it on a wall where no one could see it. He didn’t seem to […]

How to buy a ‘kawaii’ stationery

Here’s how to buy kawaiis in a modern shopping mall.1.Make sure the kawaitis are cute and adorable.It’s hard to judge whether a kawala is cute or not when they’re wearing a cute outfit, but if the kawa is wearing a kata outfit and they have a cute kawajiki, it’s not a good sign.2.Choose a kawa that you know and love.You […]

How to make cute handmade stationery set from scratch

The idea of making your own handmade stationeries from scratch is a great one.The process of creating them is simple and involves a few steps: a basic sewing machine, scissors, a small box of fabric, and some paper scraps.The result looks like a piece of art. A lot of people have done the same thing. There are a number of reasons people have […]

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