How to get your first designer perfume

How to find a designer perfume?There are a lot of choices for the perfume enthusiast, but what is your ideal perfume?This post aims to shed some light on this topic.Let’s get started.What are the essential oils?These are the chemical compounds in a fragrance that help the perfume smell different.You can think of them as a kind of scent that is […]

‘Tough Times Are Coming’

When I look back on the past five years of my life, I have one memory that is a constant reminder of the many obstacles that I faced.I remember the day, at my birthday party, when I was greeted with a large group of women, many of whom were dressed in full Muslim garb, chanting, “Muhammad, Muhammad, Muhammad.”When the first […]

Notepad, Notepad + Notepad Mini: the best digital pen companion

The Notepad and Notepad mini aren’t the only tablets you can buy these days, but they’re the most popular.Here’s why.Read moreAt the start of the century, the world was still dominated by typewriters.Most of us probably used one, but not all.A few of the more popular brands of paper used by businesses included Microsoft’s, IBM’s, and HP’s.But there were also […]

Why Japanese Holiday Stationery Is Not an American Holiday Style

A Japanese style holiday stationery can be anything from an elaborate handmade floral display to an ornate, Japanese-style box.The key to these products is that they have a certain Japanese charm, said Joanna Ritchie, owner of Tokyo-based boutique Japanese Stationery and Gifts.The same goes for a Japanese style, she said.There are many Japanese styles of holiday stationeries.But what makes Japanese […]

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