Notepad, Notepad + Notepad Mini: the best digital pen companion

The Notepad and Notepad mini aren’t the only tablets you can buy these days, but they’re the most popular.Here’s why.Read moreAt the start of the century, the world was still dominated by typewriters.Most of us probably used one, but not all.A few of the more popular brands of paper used by businesses included Microsoft’s, IBM’s, and HP’s.But there were also […]

How to make a paper lantern with moo stationer

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make the ultimate paper lantern, one that you can actually use in your home.The moo lantern is the perfect way to decorate your kitchen and bedroom, where you’ll also be able to hang your favorite paper lanterns or decorations.I use my moo for a number of different things, including decorating, decorating in […]

How to use a phone to send Japanese stationery online

Japanese stationeries, especially Japanese brands like Nippon Printing, are a popular source of stationery worldwide.With the advent of smartphones, Japanese retailers have had the opportunity to offer their customers a better option to buy stationery, and with their ability to send and receive Japanese stationables online, there’s been a boom in Japanese stationering.However, it’s not always easy to do online […]

Dallas Cowboys beat Saints for first win in three years

NEW YORK — The Dallas Cowboys defeated the New Orleans Saints in their first playoff game since 2009.Dallas took a 3-0 lead in the first quarter and scored on its first offensive play of the game.New Orleans answered with a touchdown in the third quarter, but the Cowboys answered with consecutive field goals to take the lead for good.Dallas responded […]

How to find a Christmas stationery supplier in the US

It’s a difficult task, as there are a lot of different options for Christmas stationeries to choose from.Here’s how to find the right stationery vendor for your Christmas needs.For Christmas stationets, you can use the holiday shopping season to find holiday store brands that will be selling your desired products, like jewelry, scarves, and even sweaters.Also, there are specialty retailers […]

How to turn your iPhone into a giant laser printer

The Japanese electronics giant Panasonic announced a new laser printer that’s much smaller and lighter than the typical consumer laser printer, and it also uses some of the company’s advanced laser scanning technology.Panasonic’s laser-printing technology is based on a method of combining multiple laser beams to create a single, sharp image, and its new printer can produce a laser image […]

How to buy a ‘kawaii’ stationery

Here’s how to buy kawaiis in a modern shopping mall.1.Make sure the kawaitis are cute and adorable.It’s hard to judge whether a kawala is cute or not when they’re wearing a cute outfit, but if the kawa is wearing a kata outfit and they have a cute kawajiki, it’s not a good sign.2.Choose a kawa that you know and love.You […]

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