Online Stationery Store Broke Up In New York

Online Stationery Store Broke Up In New York

Broke up in New York.

And the business that bought it has since shut down.

Broken up in the city, the brand name of Stationery Place of Brooklyn is in shambles.

But it is one of the best-kept secrets of Brooklyn, a city that is known for its quirky restaurants and funky businesses.

The shop’s former owner, the late Peter Diamantino, said the business was sold for a cool $20 million and is being managed by his nephew, Paul Diamanov.

The business was supposed to open in early 2018.

The store was slated to open a month after it was sold, but it was shut down for more than a year because of the fallout from the storm.

The shop has not been open since last week.

It was not clear how much the shop was worth.

It’s been around for more that 25 years.

But Diamani told The Post in an email that he has not given a valuation of the business.

It is not clear if the business has a mortgage.

In a phone interview, Diamano said the shop will reopen when it’s ready.

He did not provide any details.

He declined to give a price or any information about the new owners.

He said the store is owned by his brother, Peter, and his niece, Angela.

The business has been run by Angela Diamante, who also ran the online store, The New York Times reported.

Diamanti, who was once a well-known restaurateur, opened his first store in 1989.

The Diamannas were close friends.

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