‘No one wants to hear’ of ‘No-one wants to live in a house of mirrors’

‘No one wants to hear’ of ‘No-one wants to live in a house of mirrors’

No-one likes a house that has no windows, and no ventilation.

But some people don’t like a house with no windows either.

The Hindu, in an article titled ‘Noone wants a house without windows, but that doesn’t mean no house’ , reports that a man has approached a city planning department in Chennai to register his home without windows as it is considered as a house in which people are not allowed to live.

The man’s house has been built without windows since February 2015.

The department has been informed about the man’s objection, the paper reports.

The proposal was made by a resident who had built his house without any windows.

He has also applied for the consent of the Planning Commission for an additional permit to build the house without a window.

The commission has been asked to take action on the proposal within a week, the report says.

The article also cites the man who said that his house was being built without any window.

“My wife and I have always had a problem with windows.

The windows on my house are broken and not wide enough,” he said.

The man had been building the house in a manner that required the windows to be wide enough to accommodate the person living there.

He was told by the planning department that the house was not a home and that it was not fit for people living in it.

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