‘I don’t think we should be doing this’: FSU coach vows ‘we’ll never go back’

With an all-but-certain ACC Coastal Division title in the balance, FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher is determined to finish his season with a bang.And his biggest challenge will be convincing his players to play through a knee injury sustained in last Saturday’s loss to Duke.Fisher said he won’t play the injured FSU players again and called it “the worst injury” […]

How to Write a Letter to Your Dad

From a postcard from my mother’s hometown of Houston: “I’m not a very bright kid.I just want to make you smile.”“You’re the most wonderful mother in the world.You’re beautiful, and you make me laugh.You should write to your dad.He loves you, too.”From a letter to my parents from my great-great-great grandfather, from a post card from my grandmother’s home in […]

How to make French stationery with a little flair

By the time the show comes to an end, the crew have already spent about an hour making a set of stationery for a wedding.I mean, it’s French stationeries, right?But don’t get me wrong.It’s not a chore.In fact, it feels like a chore to make the stationery.And it’s a fun one to work on, since you’ll be able to use […]

When did Ireland get its first postal credit union?

Letter writing stationeries have been around since the 18th century, but there was only one in Dublin at the time of the Irish Civil War.They were then owned by a single business, and in 1883 they were merged with a smaller one.The merged company now owns and runs many of the country’s postal and post office facilities.Nowadays, the postal credit […]

The Next-Gen: How to Shop the Next Generation

The Next Generation is the term used to describe the latest wave of digital products from major brands.While these products will be built with the same technology as previous generations, the products will have a new focus on social and emotional connections.Here’s a look at how this new generation of products will look, feel, and interact.

How to save money on American stationery

When it comes to stationery and household items, there are many things you can do to save even more money.We’ve rounded up 20 common shopping habits that will help you save money at your local store.1.Shop online before you go shoppingWhen you’re on a budget, you can’t always buy things online.So when shopping for American stationeries online, shop at a […]

K-Pop stationery retailer to open store in New York

Korean stationery designer Bee Stationery has announced plans to open a store in Manhattan.The Korean company will open a second store in Brooklyn later this year.Bee Stationary plans to offer its range of stationery products to both men and women.The first store will be located in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood and will offer a wide selection of Korean stationeries including kimchi, […]

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