How to Write a Letter to Your Dad

How to Write a Letter to Your Dad

From a postcard from my mother’s hometown of Houston: “I’m not a very bright kid.

I just want to make you smile.”

“You’re the most wonderful mother in the world.

You’re beautiful, and you make me laugh.

You should write to your dad.

He loves you, too.”

From a letter to my parents from my great-great-great grandfather, from a post card from my grandmother’s home in Tennessee: “Love and good health are your greatest blessings.”

“My greatest joys are coming home to you from the army.

I’m sorry you had to go to war, but you and I are lucky to have been born to each other.

We’ll always love each other and always do what’s best for us both.”

From the mail I received from my dad from my grandfather in the 1970s: “Please forgive me for making you mad when I got you a letter from your grandfather that was so sweet.

We were married about a year after we started high school, so I think he’s glad you’ve found your own life.

I miss you so much, Dad.

I’ll always miss you.”

From letters to my grandmother from my father, from letters to her great-grandfather from her great grandmother: “Dear Mr. Brown, Your son, your grandson, my granddad, my aunt, uncle, brother, sister, uncle’s cousin, and all the other good folks I’ve never met: I love you, I miss your company, I love your laughter, I’ll miss your hugs, and I hope you never have to leave me.

But you’re not leaving me, so let’s do it together.”

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