How to turn your iPhone into a giant laser printer

How to turn your iPhone into a giant laser printer

The Japanese electronics giant Panasonic announced a new laser printer that’s much smaller and lighter than the typical consumer laser printer, and it also uses some of the company’s advanced laser scanning technology.

Panasonic’s laser-printing technology is based on a method of combining multiple laser beams to create a single, sharp image, and its new printer can produce a laser image that’s up to 10 times smaller than a standard laser printer.

The new laser-printed prototype is about the size of a credit card, and when it prints an image it’s much more than a card.

Panasonic said that while the printer is just one piece of a larger system, it’s actually the size and shape of a normal credit card.

But unlike standard cards, which are just paper, the new Panasonic printer can print a printed image on top of a solid substrate.

This makes it possible to print the image using a laser that’s more precise than the traditional laser printer (though it still relies on the use of a power source to produce the images).

“We’ve developed a laser printer based on our laser scanning method that can print images of much larger and more complex sizes,” the company said.

Panasonic, which is owned by Japanese conglomerate Sony, says the printer can create a printed model of any surface from any angle, and that the prints are capable of being layered on top one another.

Panasonic claims that the printer has a resolution of about 500 nanometers.

But when it comes to the actual printing of the image, the company says that the image can be made with a resolution up to 20,000 nanometers (nano-meters).

This is far lower than what we typically see in consumer laser printers, which usually use lasers that are only 10,000 to 100,000 nm.

Panasonic has already announced that it plans to release the printer in Japan, and Panasonic said the company expects the product to be widely available in the coming months.

Panasonic is not the only company to make a laser-printer capable of creating images that are up to 100 times smaller.

Last year, Sony unveiled its own laser printer called LaserMate, which can print up to 80 times smaller images.

Sony says that its laser scanner can produce images up to 150 times smaller in size than what’s shown on the Panasonic laser-produced prototype.

We reached out to Panasonic for comment on the new printer.

We’ll update this post if we hear back.

[A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the resolution of the printer.

It’s a resolution equal to the size, not the size squared.

The correct resolution is 50,000.

The original version of the story also incorrectly stated that the LaserMite laser-processor is a 100,0000-nm laser scanner.

It is a 10,0000 nm laser scanner, and the 10,00,000-nm wavelength is equal to 10,500 nm.]

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