How to Make Your Teacher Magazine Cover Blank, Teachable Bullet Journal Stationery

How to Make Your Teacher Magazine Cover Blank, Teachable Bullet Journal Stationery

If you’re the type of person who wants to give your teacher magazine covers a fresh new look, this tutorial is for you.

If you’ve already done it before, this time you’ll need to make the cover with a blank station, a blank bullet journal, and a paperclip.

It’s not really necessary, but you may find it helpful to get the idea down before you begin.

It will save you from having to start over, and it’s something you can do right away.

Make sure the blank station and bullet journal are at least 8 by 11 inches (19 by 36 centimeters).

Start by cutting the paperclip in half and marking the half open end with a pencil.

Place the two halves together in the middle of the station, so they’re both about 1 inch (2 centimeters) apart.

Make the opening of the paper clip about 4 inches (10 centimeters) from the opening to the paper.

Now mark the two opening sides of the blank paperclip with a paper marker.

Make your stationery as big as you can with the paperclips.

If the stationery is too big, it may look like you have too many stationery stations.

It may be a good idea to take a picture of the two blank paperclips to make sure they’re even and square.

This will help you decide if it’s too much.

Cut the paper around the blank to the size you want, and add the paper to the station and notebook.

Mark the paper with a marker.

This is the place where you want to add the labels for the cover.

Mark a space with a sharpie and a pencil and mark a blank space on either side of the label.

Cut a few more lines on the blank side of each label.

Add the labels to the blank with the scissors.

You should have a lot of labels on the station cover.

Now, draw a circle around the station paperclip and mark where it goes in the station.

The label should look like a little circle.

Draw a circle in the center of the circle you just drew and mark the top and bottom of the circular label.

Mark on the label with the pencil where the circle goes.

The circle will be exactly where the label is on the cover, so you should have one label at the top, one at the bottom, and one at each side.

Now cut a line down the center, just like you did with the label, and mark it with a pen.

The line will be just below the circle.

Cut another line and mark on the same line where the other circle goes, just above the label you marked.

You can add a label on either end of the line, just as you did on the first label.

Make a rectangle around the circle and mark with a ruler and pencil where it starts and ends.

This makes it easier to draw the circle around it.

Cut out the label for the station that’s closest to the circle, as shown in the image below.

Add a label to the empty space around the empty circle.

Mark with a chalk mark where the labels ends meet.

Mark another label at each end of each line that runs along the length of the mark.

Add labels to both sides of your circle.

Put the station on the desk and mark any labels you want on the inside of the cover and on the front of the back cover.

Place your blank station in front of your teacher and mark your label on the back of the notebook cover.

Put a circle of labels around the back, just in front, of your station.

Cut through the circle with a scissors.

The paperclip will be on the outside of the desk.

Add some labels to each of the labels on either the front or back of your notebook cover, just below and above the circle in which you just marked.

Label the blank inside of your blank notebook cover with your teacher’s name, stationery title, or other name you want printed on it.

Label each blank stationer with the name and stationery label on your stationer.

Add any extra labels you may need to the back.

Make copies of all the labels and labels that you added to the cover (just as you would do with the stationer) and store them in a ziplock bag.

It should be a snug fit.

You’ll be using the stationers in a classroom for the next week.

Make some new stationery for your teacher.

When you’re ready to go to the store, you can make the stationeries by making the paper cover, stationer, and notebook cover together.

Start with the first blank station.

Start by marking the blank on the paper that you’ll be creating the cover from.

Cut some more paperclips and add labels to one side and to the other side.

Make it so that the paper can easily slide out of the compartment and the paper clips can slide in the other compartment.

You may need extra paperclips for the bottom and sides

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