How to Make Harry Potter Stationery (Free!)

How to Make Harry Potter Stationery (Free!)

We’ve all heard the stories: someone asked a friend to decorate their house with a Harry Potter sticker, or a Harry potter set, or the obligatory hat.

But is that really how to do it?

Is it really that easy? 

Well, if you’re a Harrypotter fan, you’re not alone. 

The HarryPotter fandom, known for its enthusiasm for the beloved books, has also been collecting and making its own Hogwarts merchandise.

And the Pottermore community, the most active of the fandom, has been growing ever since the series came out.

It’s now home to thousands of Potter fans who are dedicated to the series.

We caught up with Molly and Chris to find out how they make their own Harry Potter merchandise, and what they love about their favorite character.

How do you make your own Harry pottery? 

If I’m in a rush, I’ll just put a lot of stuff on the wall and let it dry out. “

I use Photoshop and a bunch of other cool stuff to make the designs.

If I’m in a rush, I’ll just put a lot of stuff on the wall and let it dry out.

If I’m a bit more cautious, I will make a lot more of my own designs and get creative.”

Molly is a professional graphic designer.

Her works can be found on Etsy, Etsy, and other sites.

She has a collection of Harry Potter and Hogwarts pins, which she sells on her shop.

She likes to make Harry Potter themed merchandise.

She uses her Etsy shop to sell her Harry Potter pins.

“I love the fact that it’s a Harry Potters merchandising, so people can see it and be proud of it,” she said.

Molly loves making Harry Potter-themed items.

“The main thing I love about the Harry Potter series is the original artwork.

I love the way the book looks when you buy it.

It just brings a different feel to the book.”

Chris has also enjoyed making his own HarryPotters merchandise.

He started out with his own sets of pins, but quickly started selling his HarryPotts merchandises on Etsy.

“As I’ve gotten older and more involved in the fandom I’ve found that I love making my own sets and selling them, too,” he said.

“If I had to pick one set of HarryPottery pins, I’d definitely go with the HarryPotting set.

There’s nothing like being able to show your own friends and family what your favorite characters look like.”

What is your favorite Harry Potter character? 

Molly: My favorite character is probably Harry Potter, but I think I have my favorites in the group of other characters, too.

Chris: I think Harry Potter is my favorite character, too, but if I had a list I’d put him at the top.

Molly, the Harrypotters fan, said that Harry is her favorite character to create Harry Potter merchandisers.

She also loves making her own HarryPets pins.

Chris, the Potterhead, also loves HarryPottters merchands.

He said that he’s obsessed with HarryPots.

He makes his own Potter merchandise and is obsessed with the Potter fandom. 

Milly loves making his HarryPests merchandizers.

She’s also very talented in making HarryPOTs pins. 

“HarryPotter pins are fun, simple and very cute,” she told us.

“You can make your HarryPotty pieces in just a few minutes and they can be really fun and easy to make.

I use them for invitations or other fun gifts.

They’re also a great way to make fun HarryPotstainware.”

Mama said that she likes to keep the Potter merchands as simple as possible.

She said that her favorite HarryPotties pins are ones that she makes on the fly.

She makes them from scratch, and then sells them on Etsy for a reasonable price. 

Chris said that his favorite HarryPotters pins are the ones that he makes from scratch.

He says that he does it because it’s fun and it gives him a way to share the Potter brand with his family and friends.

What are some of your favorite Potter merchandise pins? 

Chris: There are a few that I like the most.

The first one is my very favorite Harry Pottery pins.

It was made by Molly and I, and I really like it.

They have a little bit of a HarryPot-ness to them.

I also love the Gryffindor pins, and the Slytherin pins.

My other favorite Potter pins are from the series I grew up on.

They are from a different generation and it’s my favorite pins.

My favorite is the Hufflepuff pins.

They look great with the other HarryPot shirts, and it makes them really cool.

How long have you been a HarryPater?

Molly and Chris said that they first started making HarryPot

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