How to make birthday stationery for a birthday, holiday, and special event

How to make birthday stationery for a birthday, holiday, and special event

You’ve spent all day baking, decorating, and decorating your cake, and now you’re ready to gift it out!

But what do you do when you want to gift a gift that’s meant for another person, but you can’t make it for them?

Well, we have a free stationer template to make that easy.

Here’s how to make a gift for someone else for whom you can make a stationer.

Step 1: Select an object that you’d like to use as a stationery item.

For example, if you’d just like to gift out a card, pick an empty card holder, or a small paper clip, as pictured below.

Step 2: If you’re looking for a template to create stationery items for different birthday, Christmas, or other special occasions, we recommend using the Stationery Template Template.

Step 3: Place the stationery into the center of your stationery box.

Step 4: Add the label to the top of the label, and remove the bottom from the label.

Step 5: Fold the label back into place.

Step 6: Place a card holder in the center, with the top left corner facing you.

Step 7: Place two card holders in the back of the box.

The labels on the card holders can be easily removed.

You’ll want to fold them back and fold the top one over the top.

Step 8: Place one card holder and one label on top of each other.

Step 9: Fold back the top label.

Then, fold the back label down so that the top card holder is facing you and the back labels are facing away from you.

Place two labels on top.

Fold the top back label over the label on the bottom.

Step 10: Fold over the two labels.

Fold them in the direction of the top labels.

Step 11: Place another card holder.

Step 12: Fold each card holder down to form a square.

Step 13: Fold down the top and bottom labels.

The two labels will be facing away.

Step 14: Place your card holder on top, and fold it over the bottom labels so that they form a triangle.

Step 15: Fold your cardholder down to the center so that it forms a square with the sides facing out.

Step 16: Fold both sides of your triangle.

Fold down until the bottom triangle is about 1/8″ from the top triangles edge.

Step 17: Fold under the bottom triangles edge to form an opening in the middle of the card holder to receive the card.

Step 18: Fold around the edges of the triangular base of the stationer to form the sides.

Step 19: Place this card holder directly on top or the side facing you to receive it.

Step 20: Fold in the other side of the triangle, and repeat.

The stationery is now ready to use!

Here’s the final product:Step 1.

Select an item that you would like to store for later use.

For example, you may be looking for gift wrapping paper to wrap up a gift, or to give out a small card holder for a special occasion.

Step 3.

Select the type of stationery that you’re going to use.

For instance, if we are making birthday stationers, we would select a cardholder.

Steps 4 and 5.

Select a stationing pattern that you like.

If you have a card-stating template, the template will be shown in Step 6.

Step #2: Fold one of the bottom sides of the pattern to make the center square.

Step #3.

Fold one side of another square into the middle square to make an opening.

Step/Tip: You can also use a circular pattern to create a circular opening.

The back of your template will fold inwards and the top will fold inward.

Step#4: Fold into the pattern, and place the top portion of the template on top and the bottom portion on the opposite side.


Place a second template in the same position and fold in the top corners of the two templates to form another circular opening in your template.


Fold in your top template to form two triangular ends, and unfold one of them.

Step#7: Place each template in their own corner, and attach them to the stationers bottom sides.

Step8: Fold out the bottom side, and you’re done!

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