How to make a beautiful, beautiful, elegant, super-fancy gift box for a Japanese stationery store

How to make a beautiful, beautiful, elegant, super-fancy gift box for a Japanese stationery store

I was recently tasked with making a box that looked like a stationery set that would be perfect for a stationary-oriented Japanese brand.

I’ve been meaning to make this box for quite some time, but I had never quite figured out how to do it.

Before I could make the box, I had to make sure it looked pretty.

What you see here is the finished box.

I’m wearing my favorite kimono, a cute white scarf, and some cute earrings.

There is a little ribbon around the inside that looks like a small card for me to put in the box.

The ribbon looks like it could be used for some kind of Japanese greeting card.

Then, I was tasked with designing the box’s outer layers.

These layers include the box itself, the front and back, and a fabric lining to add a touch of elegance.

This was all done with a hand-cut piece of fabric called a pakodashi, which is also called a Japanese “stocking.”

It’s the kind of fabric you find in the back of a magazine, but is much more durable and can last much longer than that.

Next, I wanted to design the inside of the box and the side panels of the cardboard boxes.

Because the inside is more fragile than the outside, I used a fabric that was a little more durable than my usual stockings.

You can see how I went about creating the box I want to make.

I used the same fabric as my usual box, but made it look like it was made from a different material.

After making the box for this stationery brand, I knew I wanted a box with some extra flair.

My husband wanted me to wear a cute kimonos, and I wanted the box to be super pretty, so I decided to add some embellishments.

Here’s a closeup of the outside of the gift box.

The outside is white and is made from pakode, which means fabric made of white fabric.

On the inside, there are buttons, so the box can be opened by simply pressing the buttons.

When I was designing the inside layers, I didn’t want to just use a regular pakodera box, so my husband and I tried out different materials and tried different materials in different colors.

It was so much fun to design this box. 

You can click the images to see the finished product. 

I’m not sure if this gift box will be a permanent fixture for a Japan-themed Japanese stationary store, but it sure looks pretty and I’m looking forward to using it!

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