How to buy a stationery writing stationer

How to buy a stationery writing stationer

A stationery writer needs to be prepared to be a writer’s worst nightmare.

She can’t keep a secret, and she needs to have a sense of style and a sense for the wordplay of words.

She’s also a bit of a connoisseur of design.

She likes to think about what other people have done before.

“She likes to design, and that’s where she shines, as a creative thinker,” says her agent, Emma Kwan.

“It’s not just about what others are doing.

She wants to be different.” 

The perfect stationery paper There are many types of stationery out there, but the ones you buy at the shop are probably the most famous.

You can buy a single piece, a series of them, or you can buy separate pieces. 

“I think people like to buy them all, and they look pretty,” says Kwan, adding that you might find a paper for sale in a department store or online, or a different style.

A stationery with the perfect shape is an eye-catcher, and Kwan says the key to good stationery is to be consistent with the look of the paper.

“A lot of people think you can just buy a bunch of different designs, but it’s more complicated,” she says.

“A lot more detail needs to go into the design of a paper, so that you’re not just copying a different type of design, but actually taking a very specific design, making it more specific to your needs and wanting to make it the best paper you can.”

The perfect size for writing stationery The perfect size is the most important factor.

A stationer needs to work with her stationer pad, or writing pad, so she can write without looking at it all the time. 

Kwan recommends a pad that is slightly larger than her stationers, but not too big, so it won’t be uncomfortable to write on.

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to choose a stationer with a pen and paper, as that gives you the chance to practice.

“You want to write with the right pad, because that gives the best chance of a good writing experience,” she explains.

“If you’re just starting out, you want to try a pad and a pad. 

For more tips on stationery buying and how to buy your stationery and paper from a professional, visit the BBC  blog for stationery advice and stationery tips.

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