Which gift sets are you most excited about?

Amazon.com gift set is a $69.99 item, but you can find it on Amazon.de for just $15.00!Amazon.co.uk is also offering the Amazon stationery gift, for just €6.99, but the price goes up to just €14.99.Amazon.fr is also selling a stationery set, for €14 for a total of €79.99 on Amazon (via the official website). So, if you’re looking for the perfect […]

Which are the best online cards?

The best online card sets have all been designed for mobile and tablets, so if you’re looking to save money and get more out of your gift card, here are some ideas for you.We love to share our opinions and our tips with you, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below.Get our best tips delivered straight to your […]

How to make French stationery with a little flair

By the time the show comes to an end, the crew have already spent about an hour making a set of stationery for a wedding.I mean, it’s French stationeries, right?But don’t get me wrong.It’s not a chore.In fact, it feels like a chore to make the stationery.And it’s a fun one to work on, since you’ll be able to use […]

When did Ireland get its first postal credit union?

Letter writing stationeries have been around since the 18th century, but there was only one in Dublin at the time of the Irish Civil War.They were then owned by a single business, and in 1883 they were merged with a smaller one.The merged company now owns and runs many of the country’s postal and post office facilities.Nowadays, the postal credit […]

How to make the perfect stationery set for your business

The most important thing in creating a great stationery collection is to be sure to focus on what your customers love.But there are many different types of stationery that are perfect for different occasions and needs.Whether it’s cute little notebooks for office work, personalized stationeries for events or stationery to create your business cards, it’s important to choose the right […]

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