China says it will shut down its most valuable private-sector producer of gold and silver coins, in a bid to curb the threat of a gold bubble

JAPAN – China said on Tuesday it will stop producing the most valuable gold and platinum coins it produces, in what analysts say is a move that will reduce the threat that a gold-backed bubble could burst.The government has already been pressing for the cancellation of more than a third of China’s gold coins, which account for about two-thirds of […]

‘Tough Times Are Coming’

When I look back on the past five years of my life, I have one memory that is a constant reminder of the many obstacles that I faced.I remember the day, at my birthday party, when I was greeted with a large group of women, many of whom were dressed in full Muslim garb, chanting, “Muhammad, Muhammad, Muhammad.”When the first […]

Japanese stationery synonyms

Japanese stationeries have their own set of synonyms, and the ones we know from our native tongue have been adapted into English.But if you’re wondering how the Japanese language gets so different from English, this is the story.(Gillian Brockell/The Washington Post) Japanese stationer stationery  Japanese stationery is a collection of paper and cloth, usually folded in half and rolled into […]

Which stationery is the best?

Today, we’re looking at the top stationery items in every category, from the newest baby stationery to the most beautiful Christmas stationery.Which stationeries are best for moms?We’re starting with baby stationers, which can be used to decorate babies or for gifts and gifts cards.We also have gifts for toddlers, kids, and everyone in between.If you’re looking for a different style […]

How to shop for new stationery at the store

The new Paper, which has been in business since 2011, is the first of several major paper brands to join a growing wave of online stores in the last year.“We’re very excited to join the rapidly expanding online marketplace and see this exciting new market emerge,” said Paper CEO Joe Wohl.In addition to Paper, Amazon announced this week that it […]

How to get a new stationery for under $50

How to save money on stationery and other items that are important to you.We all love shopping at the local mall and buying the basics.But with a lot of that being replaced with the latest trends and trendy labels, it’s a tough sell.That’s why we put together this article to help you save a little bit of money.First, we recommend […]

How to make your own art stationeries with this guide

In a time when we are constantly bombarded by images of art that is in danger of becoming obsolete, there are so many great places to spend a few hours browsing through an artist’s art collection and then make your art.If you have the time, you can make your very own art studio, or you can do it all yourself.Art […]

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